Care from a Fellow Senior May Be the Answer

Someone I love needs help

Even if a senior you love needs help, it isn’t always easy to start a conversation about in-home care. But’s here’s something we know: A caring, dedicated companion by the side of your loved one can make all the difference in the world – for you and your senior. Every day, our Seniors Helping Seniors® in-home care services brighten lives here in Reading, Wyomissing, Lancaster, and central Pennsylvania.

We know that seniors value their independence as much as anyone. But we’ve found that seniors are much more open to receiving care when it comes from an elderly peer. Our in-home care is provided by mature, active seniors who can relate, who share the same ups-and-downs of growing older; our caregivers not only attend to your senior’s day-to-day needs, but to their need for connection and conversation with a kindred spirit.

The senior care we offer delivers more than happiness and a renewed sense of independence; we also provide peace of mind. When we lend a helping hand, you’ll feel less overwhelmed by the responsibilities of the “sandwich generation.” Instead of handling day-to-day tasks like shopping, cleaning, or running errands, you’ll be able spend more time doing the things that really matter – like spending quality time with your loved ones.

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Could You Use a Helping Hand Caring for Your Loved One?

Seniors aren’t the only ones we help. Many who regularly provide care to senior loved ones lose sight of their own well-being, and feel stressed and overworked. Take a moment to answer the questionnaire below, prepared by the American Medical Association, to assess your own well-being. If you’re feeling tired or stressed, our in-home senior care may be the answer for you, too.

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Seniors Helping Seniors® in-home care services are trusted, reliable, and affordably priced. And in just one two- or three-hour visit per week, we can do a great deal to relieve the burden on you and you loved one. Ready to take the next step? Our senior care is available throughout Reading, Wyomissing, Lancaster, and surrounding areas – call us today!