At Seniors Helping Seniors® Central PA care services, we understand how important it is for seniors to have access to transportation. With it, seniors can maintain their independence; they can stay connected to friends and family; and they can enjoy life-enriching activities, fresh air, and a much-needed change of scenery. Without transportation, seniors can feel depressed, isolated, and alone.

We can help. Transportation is one of the many senior care services that we provide in Reading, Lancaster, Wyomissing, and nearby.

Our senior care providers can deliver reliable transportation in and around town. And that’s just the start. Unlike public transportation, the service we provide doesn’t begin or end with the ride. We can help to prepare seniors to go out, accompany them at their destination, and bring them back home comfortably and safely.

Transporting and escorting seniors can help in so many ways. We can help them to run errands or shop for groceries or other household goods. We can bring them to and from doctor’s appointments. We can also accompany them to movies, meals, or social activities. No matter the destination, the warm company our senior caregivers provide makes any ride more enjoyable.

Every senior’s needs are different, and so are the transportation and senior care services that we offer. Some seniors are comfortable driving during the day, but not at night. Some prefer not to drive on freeways or during rush hour. Others are comfortable driving close to home, but not in unfamiliar places. We can tailor the care we provide to meet your transportation needs, whatever they may be.

If a lack of transportation is keeping you or a senior you love from getting the most out of life, contact us today. We’re proud to provide friendly, reliable transportation – and many other senior care services – throughout Reading, Lancaster, Wyomissing, and the surrounding area.